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                                            Web Design and Internet Advertising 教授Dreamweaver 網頁制作及網上廣告

                                            課程簡介 課程內容提綱 課程習作舉例 申請持續進修基金 課程時間表

                                            Dreamweaver Course hours: 18 hours

                                            Introducing the Course
                                            o About the course
                                            o Introducing web pages and multimedia

                                            Getting Started
                                            o Introducing Dreamweaver
                                            o Launching Dreamweaver
                                            o Defining a local site
                                            o Creating a website
                                            o Setting document properties
                                            o Saving your page
                                            o Previewing your pages

                                            Adding Content to a Site
                                            o Adding content
                                            o Controlling document structure
                                            o Making lists
                                            o Adding basic page layout
                                            o Adding special characters

                                            Formatting Text
                                            o Web page design principles
                                            o Introducing cascading style sheets
                                            o Formatting text
                                            o Creating styles
                                            o Exporting internal styles
                                            o Editing external styles
                                            o Linking external stylesheets

                                            Working with Graphics and Multimedia
                                            o Graphics on web pages
                                            o Placing graphics on the page
                                            o Modifying image properties
                                            o Adding Fireworks generated web page
                                            o Adding Flash movies
                                            o Adding sounds
                                            o Adding video

                                            Navigating Your Site
                                            o Understanding site navigation
                                            o Linking to files in your site
                                            o Linking to named anchors
                                            o Adding e-mail links
                                            o Using styles for links
                                            o Image maps
                                            o Using image objects
                                            o Creating navigation buttons

                                            Designing Page Layout
                                            o Understanding page layout
                                            o Structuring content with tables
                                            o Using table layout
                                            o Nesting tables
                                            o Using styles for tables

                                            Using Templates and Libraries
                                            o Creating library items
                                            o Creating site templates

                                            Creating Forms
                                            o Understanding HTML forms
                                            o Form processing
                                            o Setting navigation of the form
                                            o Creating a jump menu

                                            Testing, Deployment and Maintenance
                                            o Testing your site
                                            o File maintenance
                                            o Connecting to a remote site
                                            o Using find and replace


                                            Fireworks Course hours: 6 hours

                                            Learning the Basics
                                            o Introduction to Fireworks
                                            o The Fireworks Interface
                                            o Opening an Existing Document

                                            Working with Bitmap Graphics
                                            o Creating New Images
                                            o Using the Selection and Crop Tools
                                            o Changing image size
                                            o Modifying Bitmap Images
                                            o Adjusting colors

                                            Batch Process
                                            o Changing image size
                                            o Changing file name

                                            Creating Navigation Elements
                                            o Fireworks and JavaScript
                                            o Creating Buttons
                                            o Creating a Pop-up Menu

                                            Creating Animation by Animated GIF
                                            o Creating frames
                                            o Exporting animated Gif files

                                            Using Fireworks with Dreamweaver
                                            o Macromedia Fireworks and the Web
                                            o Graphics Optimization
                                            o Exporting Graphics
                                            o Importing Fireworks HTML into Dreamweaver


                                            Web Advertising Course hour: 3 hours

                                            Introduction To Web Advertising
                                            · Search Engine Advertising
                                            · Pay-Per-Click Ads
                                            · Banner Advertising

                                            Search Engine Advertising Method
                                            · Keyword Targeting
                                            · Geographic Targeting
                                            · Impressions of Keywords and Click Rates
                                            · Writing Title And Description For Sponsor Sites
                                            · Biding For Top Positions
                                            · Registration for Search Engine Advertising
                                            · Measuring Keyword Performance

                                            Conclusion and Testing Course hour: 3 hours

                                            · Creation of a website and uploading
                                            · Creating of a set of web pages with navigation links and using template as layout tools
                                            · Tutorial and Revisions



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