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                                            Photoshop & Illustrator Digital Graphic Design

                                            課程簡介 課程內容提綱 課程習作舉例 申請持續進修基金 課程時間表

                                            本課程教授兩科,PhotoshopIllustrator 各佔15小時。全課程全共30小時。

                                            Photoshop cs6

                                            Image Formats 
                                            Size and Resolution of Image
                                            8 bit and 16 bit Color Channel
                                            Image Mode: RGB/CMYK/Grayscale
                                            Background: White and Transparent
                                            Document Size and Efficiency

                                            Painting Tools
                                            Airbrush, Paintbrush, Paintbucket , Eraser
                                            Fill and Stoke
                                            Pencil, Line
                                            Rubber Stamp 
                                            Gradient Tools
                                            Dodge and Burn
                                            Sharpen, Blur & Smudge
                                            Healing Brush & Patch

                                            Creating and Modifying Text
                                            Type Layer and Render Type
                                            Tracking, Baseline, and Leading

                                            Making Selection, Marque, Lasso, 
                                            Magic Wand 
                                            Magnetic Lasso
                                            Color Range
                                            Modify Selection: Expand, Smooth, Border
                                            Similar and Inverse
                                            Feathering of Selections

                                            Color and Brush Size 
                                            Foreground and Background Color
                                            Color Slider
                                            Swatch Palette
                                            Eyedropper to Select Color
                                            Brush Size 
                                            Hard and Soft Brushes

                                            Move and Copy Selection
                                            Copy and Paste Selection
                                            Transform: Scale, rotate, perspective, flip 
                                            Undo and Redo


                                              File Preference
                                            Ruler Setting
                                            Cursor SettingLayer

                                            Create and Delete Layer
                                            Change Active Layer and Order
                                            Merge Layer and Flatten Image
                                            Layer Blending Mode
                                            - Overlay, Screen, Soft Light, Hard Light, Color
                                            Layer Effect - Shadow and Glow
                                            Layer Mask and Channels
                                            Adjustment Layer
                                            Layer Group

                                            Adjusting Image
                                            Levels, Curves
                                            Color Balance
                                            Shadow, highlight and Midtone
                                            Replace color, selective color

                                            Texture and Pixellate
                                            Render and Stylize
                                            Blur, Sharpen and Noise
                                            Artistic, Brush Stroke and Sketch
                                            Fade Filter Effect

                                            History Palette
                                            Linear and Non-linear History

                                            Drawing Aids
                                            Grid, Snap and Guides
                                            Setting Grid and Snap Spacing

                                            Changing File Format
                                            Save as TIFF, JPEG, GIF

                                            For daytime course, there are six hours more hands-on practice.



                                            Illustrator cs6
                                            Illustrator 課程內容提綱




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